Chrisna Clark.

Professional Encourager
Producer, Editor, Filmmaker & Production Manager

Hey there! I’m Chrisna—just a burst of positive energy! I’m a professional encourager; one who gives support, confidence, and hope to others. Building people up and spreading positive vibes is what I love to do. I want to be able to encourage people, so they can acknowledge their worth personally and professionally.

I've always done things the non-traditional way. It's as though I see the world through a different lens. As much as I tried to change myself to get others to accept me, the idea of conformity kept reminding me of my originality. When you embrace your uniqueness, that's when you discover your own greatness! Through life lessons and prayer, I discovered grace, self-love, and confidence which allows me to continue to push for my dreams and live life to the fullest. 


Areas Of Focus: 

Video Production

Creative Direction

Multimedia Design

Brand Campaign Strategies



Leadership Skills




Strategic Thinker


Problem Solver


Interpersonal Skills


Creative Direction


Visual Communication




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03 Experience


Filmmaker, Post Production Manager, Producer & Editor

As a producer/editor and filmmaker I help clients achieve marketing goals, through video production and visual design (photography and graphic design). From start to finish, I can produce a variety of content; testimonials, docu-style, promotional, animation, commercial, and social media stories to convey my client's message.


As a Production Manager, I direct actors, cameramen, support staff, and set designers. Identifying the shooting venues as well as performing bookings, and budget costs. Meeting with stakeholders to discuss the project and ensuring that the production runs smoothly. To help with the creation and refinement of projects and scripts, I Collaborate with editors to watch over the project’s finalization.

2019 - 2021

The Business Ethics Alliance

Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager

Oversaw all marketing and communications for the Alliance. Led creative direction, creating graphics/video/print/email/social media content, and spearheaded marketing strategy and lead generation (tradition and digital marketing) to expand ethics education to Omaha's business community. Lead the rebranding of the organization and for the EthicSpace conference. Pivoted to new digital marketing tactics and objectives in response to the Covid-19 era.

2021 - 2021

Hearst Television

Coordinating Producer & Editor

I coordinated small productions while conducting general research in support of national and local shows (OTT). Developed episode or segment concepts, location bookings, and logistics in addition to budget costs, quality control via Frame.io, and hiring crews. I administered film releases, permits, and legal paperwork for filming projects. Created hubs for booking travel, organizing grids, schedules, and call sheets. Edited interstitials to support the branding of the episode for streaming.


As a video editor I assembled raw footage, and followed scripts/creative briefs, using Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. Performed preproduction, production, and post-production duties as a creative producer. Which included client meetings, pitching, scheduling, hiring freelancers, shooting (Sony a7r iii), lighting, recording, and delivering/packaging the final product. Lastly, as a video host, I presented topics for client videos and commercials. Delivered video script on-camera in an engaging manner that connected with their audience.


Mutual of Omaha

Product Marketing Manager

From ideation to implementation, I lead marketing campaigns through various mediums (landing pages, print, and social media) and drove initiatives for Mutual of Omaha's health products and the Association Marketing program for advisor distribution. I investigated and analyzed business opportunities, defined project objectives, and developed marketing cases independently. Marketing solutions, strategies, and creative direction services are what I provided to sales teams, managing directors, and advisors.


The Salvation Army
Omaha Kroc Center

Marketing Manager

I provided creative direction and developed internal/external marketing solutions for the executive team. Lead the marketing department and upheld responsibilities, such as brand awareness, campaign development, Kroc website, design production, strategic planning, digital advertisement, social media, and PR.


The New Age Group, LLC

Video Production Manager & Host

I managed a team of designers, videographers, and photographers while leading creative direction, quality control, and social media marketing campaigns for clients. I assigned and tracked production timelines to completion. Also, consulted clients on event media coverage, event planning, and social media services. In operations, I performed various duties such as budgeting, contractual agreements, invoicing, sales, customer consultations, and retention.


I was the video host for the New Age Youtube channel. I hosted a variety of topics, provide commentary, and interviewed guests in the nightlife industry and local events. In addition to producing program content and making promotional appearances in public or private events.


Securities America, Inc.

Multimedia Producer & Social Media Manager

I was solely responsible for developing concepts, and producing and managing corporate video, photography, and social media. In addition, I coordinated digital marketing strategies, SEO, SEM, and multimedia design using Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut X, Act-On, and Brainshark. I served financial advisors as their digital and social media marketing consultant.